Point of Sale Finance Option.

Point of Sale Finance Option

Point of Sale financing programs are an underutilized feature in today's business climate but one that can make a large impact on a company’s bottom line.

Customers have a wide variety of financing options when they want to make a big-ticket purchase or require high-dollar services that are best paid out over time. They can use a traditional credit card, a secured credit card or an online financial provider.

Although online purchases are on the rise, a 2017 survey showed that 94 % of total retail sales in America were made by walk-in customers. Yet many business owners do not offer in-store financing for customers standing at their cash register.

That leaves a big chunk of business available to retailers who offer point-of-sale financing. The CFA Group can partner with your business to provide POS financing for your customers at a competitive rate and at no risk to you, the business owner. 

Major Benefits of POS Financing with CFA

When your company proves POS financing through The CFA Group, there are significant benefits for both you and your customers. They include:

  • More Payment Options: Customers can choose the duration of their payment plan, from a few short months all the way up to five years. With a valid ID, a valid checking account and proof of income, a customer can borrow up to $50,000 with no credit required.
  • Instant Credit Decisions: Lenders don’t want to risk losing a potential customer if a credit application is denied. POS financing offers the chance for instant credit decisions that can underwrite a wide variety of consumer credit issues. Credit decisions can be made within seconds of receiving the application.
  • Easy Financing: A Point of Sale financial program streamlines any paperwork snags by going digital. The process is secure, can be completed quickly and allows consumers to instantly choose a plan that best suits their budget. 

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  • Higher Sales Volume: Offering more financing options for buyers means you will make more sales and achieve higher revenue. Customers can now purchase larger-ticket items, often at a promotional rate, that will boost your bottom line.
  • Increased Customer Loyalty: Consumers whose needs are met, or even exceeded, tend to become repeat customers. The convenience of not having to find financing elsewhere to meet today's purchasing need can ensure customer loyalty for the long-term.

Let The CFA Group Expand Your Business with POS Financing

A Point of Sale is the place where sales are made, yet many of those places do not offer financial assistance to their customers. POS financing comes into play as an added value for customers who want to finance big-ticket purchases and spread out the payments over time. The CFA Group can help you provide that financial assistance for customers at no risk to you in efforts to build your business. To learn more about our services, contact us online or give us a call at 844-568-0808.