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Building a successful business requires staying ahead of your competition in the areas that make a difference to consumers. While all business owners focus on products and services, many lose customers on a daily basis because they do not offer in-house financing options that benefit individuals with challenged credit.

By partnering with The CFA Group for consumer lending services, you can make sure you never lose another sale because a potential customer has a less-than-ideal credit score. The CFA Group exists to provide financing solutions for your customers that will expand your business at no risk to you.

We offer Lend Link, an in-house lending program that will provide up to $50,000 to consumers with no credit required. Recipients can spread out payments over five years. The financing process is perfect for car dealerships, medical facilities, legal firms, funeral homes and other businesses that offer high-end products and services that need to be purchased over time. 

Why CFA is Different from Other Lenders

What sets us apart from our competition? With The CFA Group, our online platform gives you access to multiple programs from many different lenders. We provide experts with over 150 years of combined service to assist your clients through the approval process.

CFA's range of Lend Link programs allows you to provide buying power for customers who either lack credit or have challenged credit. Plus, we have programs for clients with excellent credit who are looking for a cash flow situation.

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We even have no-credit-check programs, as well as same-as-cash programs out to 24 months. That means you can offer a wide range of affordable financing options to a wide variety of customers, all at no risk to you as the business owner. CFA also offers warranties and other consumer-assistance products that will allow you to focus on building your business while we handle the payments receivable process.

Best of all: The CFA Group guarantees your customers' payments to you as long as they can produce a valid military or state ID, a valid checking account and proof of income. 

Benefits of our Lend Link System

Lend Link, our in-house lending portal, provides a full suite of support and financing options to get your sale done. Our lending team brings more than 150 years of credit experience to help you through the application process and ensure that your client gets the maximum number of approvals.

We understand that most business owners are not used to dealing with financing. That's OK. Our multi-lender Lend Link system features:

  • Loans available from $250 to $50,000
  • Non-recourse Loans (No Chargebacks)
  • Up to 60-month terms
  • Same-as-cash programs out to 24 months
  • No equipment to buy
  • 24-hour funding available
  • No long-term contracts to sign

The system is ideal for clients seeking to purchase automobiles, furniturefirearms and other high-end products. We also offer No Credit Check financing options for customers on a three-tier system: Tier 1 ( $500 to $3,000 ), Tier 2 ( $250 to $2,250 ) and Tier 3 ( $250 to $1,750 ). The requirements to participate in our No Credit Check financing program include:

  • $1,300 per month in net income
  • 3-month banking history with no NSFs
  • 1-year employment history with no gaps
  • 2 references with name, e-mail & phone number
  • Voided check or a copy of front & back of bank debit card

Let The CFA Group Grow Your Customer Base with Versatile Financial Services

No one wants to turn away customers, but businesses that don't offer in-house financing options lose sales every day because they limit their pool of potential clients. When you are ready to stop limiting your business, The CFA Group can help with financial solutions you can take to the bank. Contact us online or give us a call at 844-568-0808 to learn more about the financial service options we provide to benefit dealers, merchants and other business owners.