Veterinary Financing Services

At The CFA Group, we know that your furry companion is a beloved member of your family. We also believe that every pet deserves a chance to recover from injury or major illness rather than face euthanasia.

That is why we offer a simple and affordable way to finance the emergency treatment and medical products that your pet needs to restore its health for pet owners who can't pay for the procedure without help. By agreeing to an in-house payment program through your veterinarian, customers can secure the medical help their pet needs and extend the payments for as long as five years.

From the veterinarian's perspective, there is no risk. The CFA Group guarantees payment to the veterinary practice as long as the pet owner can provide a valid military or state ID, a valid checking account and proof of income.

Reasons for Veterinarians to Embrace CFA  

Whether it is the result of an accident or an illness, the life of a beloved pet that swings in the balance creates a gut-wrenching decision for pet owners who cannot afford a lump-sum medical bill. With financing from CFA, however, that burden is lifted and the owner can make a guilt-free decision to prolong the pet's life.

The veterinarian, in turn, will welcome partnering CFA because doing so will:

  • Allow pet owners to perform needed surgeries on their animals in lieu of euthanasia
  • Increase client loyalty and word of mouth business
  • Expand your market reach and save more pets

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Let the CFA Group Extend the Life of your Pet

When your pet needs emergency medical attention, the price can be overwhelming. The CFA Group can help with a financing package that will allow you to extend the payments for up to five years with no credit required. Amounts can range up to $50,000. Contact us online or give us a call at 844-568-0808 when you need our services.