Medical Financing Services

No doctor wants to be put in the position of turning away a patient in need of medical care because of financial reasons. But the reality is that some patients cannot afford to pay for the medical procedures they need and have difficulty finding financial arrangements that will allow them to pay their bill over time.

The CFA Group changes that dynamic by allowing you and your patients to attain middle ground with a financing package that comes at no risk to you. Your patients can receive financing with no credit required as long as they can provide a valid state or military ID, a valid checking account and proof of income.

By spreading out the payments for up to five years, your patients can receive funding for as much as $50,000 and we guarantee your patients' payments to your practice. The CFA Group offers a variety of options to different medical providers and institutions that include:


  • Patients can prepay their complete chiropractic treatment plans
  • No multiple invoicing required
  • Approvals down to 500 credit score
  • Much lower fees than other medical finance sources
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

Surgical Centers

  • Surgery deductibles can be paid 15 days in advance
  • Reduce or eliminate receivables for insurance deductibles
  • Allow credit challenged patients to receive care much sooner
  • Get an approval in only minutes and funding in only a couple of days
  • Improve Cash Flow by transferring collections off your books
  • Have more than one lending source for your patients
  • Improve customer satisfaction by giving patients the ability to receive care immediately

Doctors & Urgent Care Centers

  • Allow patients to have needed exams done immediately
  • Increase private pay clientele
  • Increase referrals from PHC’s due to ease of doing business
  • Provide a solution to cover insurance deductibles

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Medical Equipment

  • Increase private pay sales
  • Allow patients to pay for needed equipment with low monthly payment
  • Allow for upselling to better equipment 

Let the CFA Group Provide Medical Financing the Easy Way

At the CFA Group, we want all patients to get the medical assistance they need regardless of their financial limitations. By spreading the payments out over an extended stretch, we can help you provide an in-house payment program at no risk to you or your practice. For more information, contact us online or give us a call at 844-568-0808.