Legal Financing Services

Far too often, attorneys find themselves in the difficult position of turning away a person in dire need of legal assistance or accepting a compromised retainer fee to assist the client. That presents quite a dilemma because it is your duty to help your clients as much as possible but you can only do so if they can pay for your services.

For lawyers tired of accepting less than a full retainer or losing revenue because of uncollected fees for services rendered, the CFA Group offers a solution. Our company exists to provide financial assistance to clients that will expand your business by offering them an in-house payment program with no credit required.

By turning to CFA for financing, your clients can get the legal services they need and you will receive full payment for your efforts at no risk to you. We guarantee your clients' payment to your practice and all they need to provide is a valid state or military ID, a valid checking account and proof of income.

Benefits of CFA Legal Financing 

  • Financing amounts up to $50,000
  • Terms as long as 5 years
  • Credit down to a 500 FICO Score
  • Interest rates starting at 3.99% (subject to credit tier)
  • Decisions that take a matter of seconds
  • Easy, pain-free processing
  • Attorney can receive 100% of funds within 72 hours

Instead of turning away clients and losing revenues, let them pay through CFA and spread the payments over an extended period of time! 

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Let The CFA Group Help Your Clients with All Their Legal Matters

When it comes to legal matters, nothing can be taken lightly. In today's world, getting into and out of lawsuits can be very expensive. Clients constantly have to think about the cost of their legal fees, which can put you in a bind as an attorney. That's why you should let the CFA Group help you and your client attain middle ground with a financing package that allows for payments over an extended stretch. When you need our services, contact us online or give us a call at 844-568-0808.