Funeral Home Services

Financing for Funeral Home Services

For every individual, death is inevitable. Studies show the average life expectancy in the United States is 79 years. Everyone wants to live those years to their fullest, creating cherished memories with friends and family members.

When one of your loved ones is no longer around to make memories with you, it is painful. Everyone deserve a proper final farewell, but many families are not able to pay for a funeral service on a lump-sum basis.

The CFA Group offers a solution for individuals in that situation. We provide an in-house payment program with no credit required that comes at no risk to you as the business owner. Our purpose is to let families send off their loved ones in a respectful, dignified manner while allowing them to extend the payments for up to five years.

CFA Can Help with the Final Goodbye

Sending someone you love to the afterlife should never feel like a burden, but financial realities can impact your customer's perspective. The good news is that The CFA Group can finance up to $50,000 for your customer's needs, with no credit required, as long as he or she can produce a valid ID, a valid checking account and proof of income.

As a business owner, there is no risk to you and partnering with The CFA Group to provide financing for your clients will help you expand your business because you and your clients will enjoy the following benefits:   

  • Our multi-dealer platform assures that your customer has the highest probability of approval
  • Lenders will approve down to a 500 FICO score with the Prime offers down to a 640 FICO score (compared to 700 for traditional lenders)

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  • Clients get the service they need today and spread out the payments over an extended stretch
  • The CFA Group guarantees your clients' payments to you
  • Non-credit based and no credit check financing is available
  • Get paid before the work is completed
  • Competitve rates and terms are available

Pay Your Final Respects with Help from The CFA Group

When it is time to offer a final farewell to a loved one, your customer wants to do it in style and provide a proper tribute. But the cost can be prohibitive. With financing from The CFA Group, you can allow your customer to create the perfect memorial tribute and stretch out the payments for up to five years. When you need our services, contact us online or give us a call at 844-568-0808.