Dental Financing Services

At The CFA Group, we believe everyone has the right to proper healthcare and that also includes dental plans. When someone smiles, they are not only showing off their pearly whites, but they are telling everyone that they are confident and beautiful with this simple gesture. However, keeping your teeth in perfect beaming condition is not cheap, nor simple.

Some people are required to get braces for either aesthetic reasons or for orthodontic problems such as misaligned dental midlines; while children, on the other hand, must visit the dentist more frequently to make sure their teeth are growing in strong and healthy. Many adults often forget and put off visiting the dentist, even though it's highly recommended that everyone should visit their dentist at least twice a year.

Keeping your patients' teeth healthy is important, but preserving its strength, color, and shape can get expensive; especially if they are not consistent with dental work. While some procedures like removing cavities and tooth extraction are usually covered; when it comes to tooth surgeries, pain medications, and dental treatments, your patients might not have enough money to cover the cost of the procedures and end up putting off the dental work and dealing with the pain.

Give your Patients Relief with Financing for Dental Work!

At The CFA Group, we want to help reduce your patients’ financial burden and give them the proper dental services they deserve. That is why our company offers an in-house payment program with no credit required, which gives the following benefits:

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  • Offer your patients up to $50,000 at no risk to you
  • Your patients will be able to get the dental service they need today and spread payments over an extended period of time!
  • We guarantee your practice your patients' payments
  • More than one lending source for your patients

Stop financing patients in-house and get paid right away with The CFA Group's financial services. Not only will this improve customer satisfaction by giving dental patients the ability to receive immediate care, but you will also increase market share. Contact us today at 844-568-0808 to learn more about financing for dental practices.